The Washington Post: Meta hires political consultants for a smear campaign against Tik Tok

It seems that the battle between Meta and Tik and Tok is long and continuous for periods to come, which the reports described as a dirty battle, according to a technical engadged report, citing the Washington Post.

The Post obtained emails saying that Facebook’s parent company to the major political consulting firm Victory targeted to run a campaign against TikTok.

It was mentioned in the instructions, letters, notes, letters and notes on paper on issues, interfaces and newspapers.

The goal was to position TikTok as the “real threat” in the public eye which also prompted politicians to crack down on social media TikTok while at the same time promoting the value of Facebook.

In the same vein, Connecticut Senate Richard Blumenthal sent a letter in September 2021 asking TikTok executives to testify before a subcommittee and responding to his sabotage challenge allegations first circulated on Facebook.

And injured, injured, injured, injured, Frances Haugen, injured, injured, injured, injured, injured, injured, injured, from their time on that social platform.

In theory, ruining TikTok’s reputation drove some of these factors into the first release.

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