How to delete calendar events on the iPhone?

Many sometimes need to delete calendar events on the iPhone that are relevant, but find it difficult to achieve this, according to Al Bayan UAE report.

According to the following steps:

Delete Calendar Events on iPhone

The value for the back of the session you wish to install.

If the event to be deleted is recurring, it will be another opportunity to participate in the selected option or any other opportunity that you can delete or shared calendars.

Delete a shared calendar event

Decide where to go to get rid of it.

Delete the entire calendar

Go to the calendar app. Then in the part of the home page (the previous page of the home page): click on the “Calendars” option and then view the calendars that are currently synced with the application.

Select the calendar you wish to delete, then tap the info button on the right.

Scroll the screen all the way down, you can see the delete calendar button, then press to delete.

A message will appear asking you to confirm the deletion process for the calendar to be deleted, to notify you of the final deletion date.

Click Delete Calendar again to confirm that it has been completely deleted.

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