Astronauts from artificial steaks for their future trips to the moon and Mars

Astronauts in international space can (IS) a delicious meal a tasty meal of beef steak, but the opportunity to have a legitimate meal in the study meal was obtained later. Space tourism mission space to run.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, businessman Larry Connor and Air Force pilot Eitan Stipe paid $55 million each for the flight, and they will take the modern home regarding the food challenge in deep space far from Earth orbit to the Moon, Mars and beyond. .

In the first stage of the second stage, or the first stage of the first stage, or the first stage of the third stage, or the first stage of the third stage, or the first stage of the secondary stage. in steaks.

international space (ISsteak production

Explaining how the process works, the scientists said, “We start with cow cells and grow them in bioreactors and then multiply and diversify the cell mass, this is cells in cells, cells, cells in first, fat cells or elastic collagen cells. Chances are that there will be an idea of ​​how we can The steaks we eat inside eat it, and that’s what we’re going to do on the International Space Station.

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