Meta unveils the first version of its smart glasses in 2024

Meta plans to release the first of its smart glasses on Star Trek in 2024, and founder Mark Zuckerberg has long spoken about his ambition to create a virtual world where humans can work, socialize and play, and his company’s long-awaited AR augmented reality is just one part of that vision. .

According to the trial replica, a 2024 release will be followed by a lighter and more advanced design for 2026, and a third version in 2028.

They were allowed to speak publicly about the edge allowing Project Nazare to be shown, and Meta does not yet have a working wearable prototype of its augmented reality goggles, but instead shows a demonstration.

The photo is shown in the photo shown in the photo, he appeared, he appeared, the boss wanted to release the glasses into the photo frame, and he appeared to bet at the end. Where it is possible to work, socialize and play, it will be the successor to the Internet.

Jordi La Forge on the Star Trek TV show is seen as a potential showcase for the smartphone market.

This version of the Meta Nazare glasses model that needs a smartphone connection, but instead

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