Scientists monitor a huge explosion of a pair of stars through Magic Telescopes

People who paid a sum of stars paid a huge sum of stars, a sum of stars was paid for the payment of RS Ophiuchi or RS Oph, which is in the constellation Serpent Bearer.

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The red giant displays layers of layers of hydrogen as its fuel dwindles, and this gas is absorbed by the dense white dwarf.

But the volume the volume the gas devoured, the white dwarf is massive, the gas formed in the temperature and pressure also accumulates until it is thrown into a nuclear explosion, a huge, but this is not the end of it, the cycle continues again.

According to the Digitartlends website, one of these areas of explosion occurs once every 15 years, detected by the Magic telescopes, noting that the explosions are dramatic as sunlight reaches 250 gigaelectronvolts, one of the highest energies ever seen in a nova.

A study was conducted after the analysis showed the preparedness kit.

Observing a nova explosion was of value also as it allowed researchers to see its effects, as shock waves from the explosion propagated from the stars.

UV rays help with UV rays.

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