Find out how to bring back the Start menu in Windows 11 your starting base

When you upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, many things you might do are wonder: Where is my start menu? Normally, the new version appears from the beginning of Windows, and the emotion

Tap a previous icon, and instead of the large Live Tiles field, which appears on the following link ‘in the top corner (below the search field), the next tab is set to appear on the list of familiar AZ apps but no tiles.

You look at the queue that Microsoft offers, as it presents, an envelope on the queue,

Click that and the Start Menu will open, giving you instant access to File Explorer, settings, and other apps.

While some may appreciate this more rigorous version of the Start menu, others who are used to the more configurable version of Windows 10 may want to know how to go back to the more popular version.

Instructions to get on the road to some steps:

1 – Right-click on the taskbar on “Taskbar Settings”.

2 – Select “Taskbar Behaviors”.

3 – Find “Taskbar alignment” and press the button on the right where it says “Center”, select “Left” instead.

4 – Close a window, and see, the page icon located at the beginning of the page located in the page icon.

While this will bring the start menu back to where it started, don’t take it back, and it will do that, you will have to go to a third party app.

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