What does the B3W initiative mean, and how does it help achieve environmental and economic goals?

The G7 (G7) Rebuilding Initiative and Infrastructure Steps.

Initiative details in 4 points

• Also called B3W, the projects are led by the United States, and the initiative aims to tackle the $40 trillion infrastructure that countries are getting, and this is shown in the 2035 research projects.

• B3W will catalyze financing from the private sector, and support investors interested in climate and government financial technology.

• Created in the Blue Dot Network, the Blue Dot Network was formed by Japan, the Blue Dot Network was an assessment and approval of infrastructure projects, and was launched in 2019 at the Indo-Pacific Business Forum held in Bangkok, and aims to build a network of lending for the construction of bridges and roads Ports, airports, power stations.

• Promote economic development and interdependence.

China has become the world’s largest economy, and it is also a global company that has made the Belt and Road initiative the central production and production initiative of China in the Asia-Pacific region.

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