3 mistakes that may cause you to be banned on WhatsApp .. Get to know them

See the database, earlier, earlier, earlier, earlier, pioneer, former, pioneer, former, pioneer, pioneer, and major platform, but sometimes things you consider innocent are against the rules.

A message popped up saying: “Your phone number is blocked from using WhatsApp.

Here are some things you should stay away from.

1. If you are causing pain to a lot of people, it may effectively get you banned.

The cause of the accident came in his receipt.

2. Use unofficial versions of WhatsApp

There are a number of fake WhatsApp applications that use the same system, such as GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp bosses want these official versions to work.

If they find out that you are using anything the official app you will be banned.

3. Send scams

We all love to laugh, but there are limits.

Spreading false news and deception is unacceptable.

It is calculated instead of that name.

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