technology holes in the shape of a donut

A wonderful image of a black hole released in a nice atmosphere model.

This is the type called Sagittarius A*, the so-called supermassive black hole, which is in the center of all galaxies, and this is what is at the tip of the smallest, the size of giants: its mass is 4.3 million times the mass of the Sun, which is smaller than Messier 87, which Pictured in the 2019 calendar is 6.5 billion times the mass of the Sun.

It looks like it’s time for it to appear in the part in which it appears in the part in large part, both appear remarkably, both appear in the shape of a distinct donut, and this appears in every match in the bond with the predictions of physicists.

“The fact that it appears as a ring with a black shadow inside, tells you purely gravitational science,” Demetrius Psaltis, a University of Arizona black hole researcher, explained in a statement, “Einstein’s theory of science, the only theory in the universe that doesn’t care about scale.”

This size is unusual because most things in different sizes look different in different sizes always look different. 87 1500 times larger than Sagittarius A* and also significantly larger, European Southern Observatory Large Image. But the two look the same.

This means that even very small black holes, if imaged, would appear like the images of Sagittarius A* and Messier 87, would appear to have the same circular shape.

“Wherever we look you should write cakes, and one should look somehow the same, and the reason this is so important—besides the fact that it confirms our expectations—is that no one likes an anchor or a specific scale,” said Psaltis.

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