Moon split..NASA reveals the truth about this phenomenon..has it already split?

Pictures were circulated in social networks, where pictures and interfaces appear on the surface of the moon, which could have been this celestial body that was exposed to the previous parties, which corresponds to the dawn of the moon in the hour and the moon split.”

But it was published in the site for the year 2010, which NASA discovered at that time, thanks to its mass, according to the agency on August 19, 2010.

Facts about NASA photos of the moon splitting

The image shows the surface of the moon through the lens of the “Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter” probe, which was launched from Earth on June 19, 2009 and entered the moon’s orbit four days later. The explanation of the two images showed the image, due to “the coldness and contraction of its interior during the modern geological stage.”

And NASA added, “Scars arose on its surface and shrunk, and the diameter of the moon shrank about 100 meters, and scars on its surface.”

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