How do you do it? How to edit video with free apps on your phone

Videos can be turned into photos Can be turned into photos Can be turned into ready-to-print photos. Free video editing that you can get for your iPhone and Android device, watch its details, according to the “business insider” website.

KineMaster app

It seems easy to see his video timeline, which is shown at the top and the widgets on the right.

You can cut, split, reverse and move the video; You can also apply filters and make adjustments to exposure.

You can have a complete video editor with the ability to add multiple videos and audios as well, for example, the primary target from the final version to the target.

PowerDirector App

PowerDirector gives you multifunctional, audio and digital tracks, in which you can use video files, arrange video clips, arrange filters, filters, adjust color and exposure.

It opens all versions of the application, portrait or landscape

Vimeo Create . app

Whether you want to download short videos for social media or online apps, Vimeo allows creating and transcribing videos in a variety of templates on Android and iPhone.

You can find colors, texts, fonts, filters, etc.,

It does not act like the previous video editor, so you need any skills, the use of the application begins immediately.

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