Tik Tok begins sending data to servers in the United States

Tik Tok announced, America is owned by Oracle. A timely report from BuzzFeed News? verge.

And in recordings of staff meetings and internal presentations, obtained by BuzzFeed News Group, Tech employees stated that they had to, they had to command in the picture, and that they weren’t able to access this data themselves.

A member of the TikTok Trust’s trust team allegedly stated that “everything is seen in China”, while another employee says that an engineer based in China “is accessible to everything”.

The events took place from September 2021 and come with the same model, linked by CNBC Public.

I ran into Tik Tok

In 2020, former President Donald Trump threatened TikTok with a nationwide ban and tried to force the company to separate its US-based assets from ByteDance, calling it a national security threat.

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