Trump’s trial may extend for a long time.. so what if he wins the presidency?

In a historic court session, with which he became the first former US president to appear before a federal court, he paid Donald Trump Yesterday night, Tuesday, he was acquitted of Federal criminal charges Charges against him relating to his wrongful retention of national security documents when he left office and lying to officials who sought to recover them.

The plea of ​​innocence came before Judge Jonathan Goodman in a federal court in Miami, launching a thorny legal battle that is likely to continue in the coming months as Trump prepares to launch his election campaign to win.
to the presidency in the November 2024 elections.

The issue of documents is not the last.. What is Trump waiting for?

Although A former real estate mogul aspiring to return to the White House Prosecuted in many cases, this lawsuit is the most serious of all, as the former president is accused of endangering the security of the United States by keeping in his home in Florida military plans and information related to nuclear weapons.

But how long could that trial take?

Some experts say it could take a year or more before a verdict is issued.

Federal prosecutors are expected to begin, as a first step, turning over evidence to Trump’s lawyers, which includes years of correspondence between his lawyers, the Archives and Records Administration, and prosecutors about turning over the documents.

Then, later, the former president’s defense team is expected to submit a request to dismiss the case for several reasons, including his claim to declassify documents before taking them with him when leaving the White House.

He is also likely to demand that the case be dropped, for what he considers misconduct and bias on the part of the plaintiffs, and a violation of a legal principle that allows people to keep communications confidential with their attorneys.

Donald Trump (AFP)

Donald Trump (AFP)

When will the case go to trial?

Those procedures could take several months, although special counsel Jack Smith, the chief prosecutor, previously confirmed that Trump would have a “speedy” trial.

Trump, who has denied any wrongdoing and called the case a “witch hunt”, has the right to face court within 100 days, but that rarely happens in such complex cases.

So it is likely that the parties involved will agree to extend the deadlines.

But will Trump testify?

This issue belongs to him alone, and if he wants, he can request it.

If he wins

However, the most important question remains, what will happen if it is prolonged trial Did Trump really win the presidential election?

At that time, many observers and jurists agree that the trial is unlikely to continue if the former president re-enters the White House in the 2024 elections. Especially since the Ministry of Justice is considered part of the executive authority, while presidents are the highest federal law enforcement authorities in the country, and therefore he seeks Federal prosecutors usually to appease them.

It is noteworthy that the latest Reuters / Ipsos poll showed that Trump is far ahead to his rivals seeking the Republican nomination to run for the US presidency in 2024.

In the latest poll, he extended his lead over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the rest of his Republican rivals, recording a dominant support of 61% of Republican voters compared to just 23% for DeSantis.

While former US Vice President Mike Pence and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott got 4% each, no more.

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