Watch live: State funeral held for Silvio Berlusconi in Milan

Watch live as the state funeral for Silvio Berlusconi is held in Milan on Wednesday, 14 June.

The former prime minister – Italy’s longest-serving premier who led four governments across three spells as prime minister – died on Monday aged 86.

He had been unwell for several years.

Local Italian media reported that Mr Berlusconi passed away after being admitted to hospital last Friday.

His state funeral is being held in the city’s grand cathedral and will be led by the Archbishop of Milan as Italy holds a national day of mourning.

Mourners lined up outside the cathedral hours before the service was due to take place to pay their respects.

Top politicians and foreign dignitaries are expected to attend the official ceremony.

Wednesday marks the first time that a former Italian premier has been honoured with a national day of mourning, declared by the government, as well as a state funeral.

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