Riyadh.. Starting the process of separating the Syrian Siamese twins, Ihsan and Bassam

Al-Arabiya documented the last moments before the Syrian Siamese twins, Ihsan and Bassam, entered the operating room, which began their separation process, Thursday morning, in the presence of the medical and surgical team led by Dr.

The operation is expected to take 9 and a half hours, and will take place in five stages, with the participation of 26 members of consultants, specialists, and technical, nursing, and support staff.

The medical team conducted accurate medical examinations, which showed that the twins were involved in the lower chest, abdomen, liver, and intestines. The examinations also showed that the twin, “Ihsan,” is an intruder on his brother, “Bassam,” due to the absence of the urinary and reproductive system (kidneys, ureters, bladder, and male genitalia). Ehsan suffers from major congenital heart defects that hinder his life, along with atrophy in his neurological development, which makes his chance of survival very slim.

This operation is the 58th within the Kingdom’s program for conjoined twins, as the program has supervised 130 cases from 23 countries since 1990.

Siamese twins before surgery

Siamese twins before surgery

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