Zelensky on the counterattack: We hold the initiative

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted last week that his forces would advance in counterattack Against the Russian forces, which are “slower than they wish,” he returned and renewed the talk on this point.

On Thursday, Zelensky confirmed that the Ukrainian counterattack is “not fast”, but that Kiev forces are advancing.

We don’t back down like the Russians!

He told reporters from Prague, along with Czech President Peter Pavel, that the attack was not quick, and that this is a fact, but nevertheless Kiev is making progress and is not retreating like the Russians, as he put it, adding, “We now hold the initiative.”

This announcement came days after statements by the Ukrainian President, in which he believed that Russian President Vladimir Putin would try to consolidate his power after a short-term revolt by mercenaries of the Wagner Private Military Group led by Yevgeny Prigozhin on June 24.

While many Ukrainian officials confirmed that their country’s forces achieved important results, and recovered several villages that were occupied by the Russians.

However, Moscow played down these “allegations”, asserting that its forces would thwart this attack and bury it in its own land.

Between this and that, many observers expect that the battles will not be easy for the two sides, and that the war will prolong more, in light of the blockage of any horizon for a solution or the possibility of resuming negotiations between the two parties.

joining NATO

It is noteworthy that Zelensky had arrived in the Czech capital, Prague, on Thursday, as part of a tour to mobilize support to accelerate the path of his country’s accession to NATO before its summit next week.

During the summit, which will take place over the course of July 11 and 12 in the capital of Lithuania, Kiev seeks to obtain a clear signal from NATO that it can obtain membership when its war with Russia ends.

Although Ukraine wants to join as quickly as possible, NATO members are divided on the speed of taking such a step, with some countries concerned about moves they fear could bring the alliance closer to a de facto war with Russia.

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