In a new appearance .. Abbas Ibrahim occupies the Saudis and leads the “trend”

After a long absence, a picture that the Saudi poet Fahd Al-Musaed shared hours ago with his compatriot, the artist Abbas Ibrahim, occupied the Saudis, and ignited social networking sites to lead the hashtag #Abbas_Ibrahim, the trend in the Kingdom.

Fahd shared his photo with the owner of “Nadit” via his Twitter account today, Wednesday, in the singer’s first appearance after a period of absence, amid many questions from his fans about the secret of his absence.

He also wrote, “Love for this artist, waiting, and interaction have not been seen like him, whether from the audience or the media..Certainly Abbas Ibrahim deserves it. The picture was yesterday, and Abbas is enthusiastic and longing for his fans.”

The tweet reaped a great deal of interaction from the followers who expressed their eagerness for the young artist’s new, and wished that he would soon return to singing, because he is a Saudi voice who deserves to have a place in the Saudi and Arab art scene.

It is noteworthy that Abbas Ibrahim was famous for presenting romantic songs that achieved remarkable success, including “Nadit”, “Habibi”, “Gestures”, “Ma Fahmet”, “How Are You”, “Return to Salama”, and other famous songs. His first album was titled “Listen to me” may top the cassette market sales.

But he was absent from the artistic scene for unknown reasons amid constant demands from his fans to return, which seems to have been achieved recently by the poet Fahd Al-Musaed.

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