Warnings of the largest solar flares today.. What is the danger of this?

Russian scientists warned against expecting strong solar flare activity today, Monday, which may interfere with shortwave communications, after they detected three flares on the sun on Sunday.

The Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics in Moscow said Class X (largest flares) flares, including proton flares, are possible and are expected to cause short-wave radio outages.

radiation storms

Class X flares are the largest explosions in solar systems and can cause long-lasting radiation storms. Proton flares are a storm of solar energy particles consisting mainly of a proton.

Solar flares occur when magnetic field lines in and around the sun intertwine, and can affect Earth’s magnetic field with
Potential damage to satellites and communications equipment, according to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

magnetic storm

And in the year 2022, a geomagnetic storm caused by a large wave of radiation from the sun damaged 40 SpaceX satellites, which had been launched a short time ago.

The Fedorov Institute said that three solar flares were observed on Sunday, one of which lasted for 14 minutes and was accompanied by a malfunction in radio communications.

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