It includes air defense systems and drones.. New American aid to Kiev

On Wednesday, the United States announced new military aid to Ukraine worth $1.3 billion, which includes air defense systems, anti-tank missiles, drones and other equipment.

The US Department of Defense said in a statement that this package of aid is part of US efforts to respond to “Ukraine’s urgent needs by building the permanent capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces.”

“This announcement marks the beginning of an agreed process to provide additional priority capabilities to Ukraine,” the Pentagon said.

However, this assistance will not reach the battlefield immediately, as it falls within the framework of the Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative, through which Washington provides military equipment from the defense industry sector or from other partners instead of withdrawing it from the US army’s stockpile.

The package includes four “NASAMS” air defense systems with their ammunition, TOW anti-tank missiles, 152 mm cannons and drones, in addition to anti-drone systems and various mechanisms.

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