Michigan woman arrested for performing sex acts on her pet dog

Michigan woman arrested for performing sex acts on her pet dog

A woman from Michigan was arrested this week after her ex-boyfriend caught her performing a sex act on their pet dog, according to authorities.

Brittany McClure, 30, was arrested for sodomy and animal abuse for the alleged assault of the former couple’s dog Max, reported Fox 2 Detroit.

Ms McClure’s ex-boyfriend was reviewing footage on a surveillance camera which he had set up in the living room of their home in Taylor, Michigan, when he caught her performing sex acts on the dog.

According to police, he then turned over the footage to investigators.

On Wednesday, Detective Philip Collop described the six-minute video in court.

He said it showed the defendant lying on the living room floor before she called Max the dog over to her.

“In that video, it shows defendant Brittany McClure lying on the living room floor on a mattress with a blanket. She opens the blanket and calls the dog over. She is heard saying ‘good boy’,” he said.

Fellow officer Lt Frank Canning said that, after two decades on the job, he had never seen anything like it before.

“(It was) plain as day: his ex-girlfriend performing fellatio on their dog named Max and her attempts to get Max to reciprocate,” Lt Canning said.

Brittany McClure was arrested after comitting sex acts on her dog

(Taylor Police Department)

“Kind of an interest in fetish stuff that was seen on the internet. I don’t know that any justification could justify these acts.”

He added that Ms McClure had owned up to performing sex acts on Max but insisted that this was the only time she had done so.

“Thankfully the video was captured,” he said. “I would hate for this to become a regular thing for Max.”

Authorities said that the dog wasn’t hurt in the incident and that he is now in the care of the ex-boyfriend.

Ms McClure was ordered not to have any contact with animals as her bond was set at $100,000 by the judge.

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