Brisbane school criticised for marking Women’s Day with nappy-changing game

Brisbane school criticised for marking Women’s Day with nappy-changing game

A school in Brisbane has received flak for marking International Women’s Day with a nappy-changing game for its students.

The Stretton State College in Queensland celebrated the day with various events, including a game that involved changing nappies on dolls. The school later posted photos of the activities on their Facebook page and received widespread criticism.

The activity was organised by a student group under staff supervision and was endorsed by the student council. Other festivities included selling cookies and a photo station with an “inspire inclusion” slogan, according to a Queensland Department of Education spokesperson.

“Today we celebrated International Women’s Day and took time to celebrate and bring awareness to the need for a world that is free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. A world that celebrates achievements, diversity and inclusivity across the globe. #inspireinclusion,” a post accompanying the Facebook photos read.

Parents criticised the school for the activity which they said was in “poor taste”.

Kara Williams, a parent of two daughters who attend the school, was quoted as saying by the Guardian: “One daughter said ‘it’s a bit weird’ [after the event].

“And the younger daughter went ‘What? What’s the point of that?’

“I’m sure that just from the sort of shock and disbelief, I think they probably agreed with me and thought it was not appropriate.”

She said that the activity did not reflect the message of inclusion and empowerment.

Several other parents were planning on raising the issue during the parent association meeting.

Another parent expressed concerns, stating the hope that her daughters would be encouraged to pursue careers in STEM or trades, in addition to considering motherhood.

For International Women’s Day, the school also organised several other events including a school assembly, performances by student and staff rock bands, various student games and activities, and a charity lunch for senior girls.

The Queensland Department of Education spokesperson said the assembly focused on topics “such as closing the gender pay gap, challenging gender stereotypes, and the path to achieving gender equality”.

“The activity in question was designed by the year nine student cohort and welcomed all students to participate and challenge gender stereotypes,” the statement added.

“The school has not received any complaints regarding the event and the response in the community has been extremely positive.

“No further details can be provided due to student and staff privacy issues.”

The Independent has reached out to the Stretton State College principal for a comment.

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