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DUBAI: The Japan External Trade Organization, or JETRO, and Dubai-based concept store b8ta are collaborating to hold an exclusive showcase of 10 unique products from Japan at their store.

The objective of this partnership is to bring hidden gems of cutting-edge Japanese craftsmanship to the UAE.

The key factor of this showcase is Japanese craftsmanship and techniques, otherwise known as WAZA.

The products range from traditional crafts to cutting-edge AI robots, and they highlight various WAZA from all over Japan.

JETRO and b8ta have been showcasing 10 unique products since December 2021, ranging from towels to AI robots.

A JETRO representative spoke to Arab News Japan about the recent collaboration, saying the most important factor was to feature products that are “made in Japan, using unique techniques and technologies to create the product. Basically, this showcase is just a glimpse of what we have in Japan. We still have many great products to showcase, and we hope to inspire people in Dubai to explore more about Japan.”

According to JETRO, the products are of “premium quality.”

“The approach to creating these products is ‘monozukuri,’ a concept that translates as the ‘art, science and craft of making things’ and which is exemplified in small business manufacturing,” the representative added.

The designs of the products are “contemporary and modern,” making them stand out to potential customers. Some of the products are also sustainable and eco-friendly in their design.

JETRO and b8ta made the decision to collaborate to take advantage of the buzz happening in the Middle East surrounding Dubai Expo 2020.

“We thought this city would be lively and attract people from all over the world. Then we had an idea to bring these Japanese products and showcase them,” the JETRO representative said. “We chose b8ta because of its unique business scheme. It is not just a normal retail store but it enables us to collect quantitative and qualitative data.”

JETRO will then share the captured data with the brands, so they can reference the information to create a marketing strategy or amend their products.

JETRO and b8ta have managed to create a unique collaboration despite the challenges COVID-19 presents nowadays.

“COVID-19 was already present when we planned this collaboration, so pandemic restrictions had been taken into account. For instance, from the very beginning, we communicated with the brands online only,” the representative said. “We planned a digital promotion so that even if it became difficult to hold in-store PR events, we could still encourage people to see our product online.”

Customers will be able to experience Japanese history, the industries that drive its economy, and its vision for the future.

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