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Life Style: Saudi rapper returns to the Kingdom after 12 years

Tue, 2022-03-22 16:19

LOS ANGELES: Saudi-American rapper $kinny, who claimed the number one spot on Apple Music Middle East with his song “Never Snitch” and 2019 album “Thank You For Nothing,” told Arab News he was “amazed” by the changes going on the Kingdom as he makes his return after 12 years.

Born Sami Hamed, $kinny aims to bridge the culture gap between his twin hometowns of Los Angeles and Riyadh aided by his recently announced partnership with Universal Arabic Music.

And he may be topping the charts once again with his new singles “Temam” and “Saudi Most Wanted.”

“It’s just, Saudi kinda has a bad rep,” he told Arab News. “A lot of people think you know a lot of just dumb stuff, you know what I mean, about us and I wanted to change the narrative, I want to show people, we’re just like all of you,” he added.

“We like the same stuff and we’re talented and we’re here to really compete. So that’s like ‘Saudi Most Wanted.’”

And he’s excited to be signing for a music label that fits in with his ideals of bridging cultural gaps in Universal Arabic Music.

“They are opening the doors for people like me because there’s a lot and honestly there’s some great stuff in the works man, honestly it’s any artist’s dream to sign to a major label. 

“It’s really a pleasure to just be a part of the whole movement, it’s basically the bridge to gap the two worlds and you know, and who better than me? I’m going knock it out, so I’m here.”

In the past, the artist has received negative responses and even threats from his fellow Saudis, but he told Arab News his fans in the Kingdom have always had his back. Now $kinny will be returning after over a decade away, amazed at the changes he’s witnessed in his home country.

“Honestly that is a really big factor to why I’m here today too, because them opening up just brought so much eyes to even the Saudi artists and the talent,” he said.

“It’s a dream come true to be back there. Especially, I haven’t been back there in years and just to see my fans and stuff this is gonna be pretty wild.” 

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