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Life Style: What We Are Reading Today: Bomb Shelter by Mary Laura Philpott

Sun, 2022-04-10 00:24

This book is a love letter to love, told in an honest way that will make readers feel both seen and understood.
From the bestselling author of I Miss You when I Blink, comes a poignant and powerful new memoir that tackles the big questions of life, death, and existential fear with humor and hope.
A lifelong worrier, author Mary Laura Philpott always kept an eye out for danger, a habit that only intensified when she became a parent. But she looked on the bright side, too, believing that as long as she cared enough, she could keep her loved ones safe. 
The book is also a spot-on portrait of the complex melancholy of early middle age: a time when cuddly children “who used to creep into your room at night and sleep curled up against your side, under your armpit,” morph into petulant teenagers, then return as fascinating — if somewhat mysterious — separate people. 
Philpott’s writing has been featured frequently by the New York Times and appears in such outlets as the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Real Simple, and more.

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Mary Laura Philpott

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