Web3 pioneer BEDU launches in Dubai and presents an Emirates-based NFT collection

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Thu, 2022-04-14 15:17

DUBAI: Dubai-based BEDU, a digital pioneer that uses Web3, involving artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology to make the Internet a smarter and more useful tool, has launched in the UAE.

Beyond providing businesses with metaverse, blockchain, and NFT solutions, BEDU will work to accelerate the development of those topics in the UAE, bringing expertise and investment from around the world, also working with governments and individuals.

The firm’s Labs division is a vertically integrated “NFT factory” that provides turnkey solutions to clients interested in taking advantage of the Web3 arena. Its World division works on a future interconnected ecosystem — the metaverse.

Khaled Al-Huraimel, co-founder and chairman of BEDU described the UAE as a “potential Silicon Valley for NFTs and blockchain.”

The firm has embarked on an array of innovative projects that will span 2022, including an NFT collection based in the UAE that is investing in technologies such as the metaverse and Web3, with a vision of creating a community to support this advancement.

As part of the collection, the company’s first project is the ‘From Desert to Mars’ exhibition that showcases works by seven of the most creative and influential artists from around the world.

Its art explores the UAE’s journey and evolution by exploring the discovery of oil, the real estate boom, and finally the UAE’s space program.

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