French president vows to exit fossil fuels; Jeep to electrify 70% of global sales by 2025: NRG matters

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Sun, 2022-04-17 11:57

RIYADH: On a macro level, greener pledges by presidents worldwide are either being made or broken. While Emmanuel Marco is announcing plans to lure green votes, the US government has announced plans that break promises made by Joe Biden during his election campaign. 

On a micro level, however, car makers like Jeep are pursuing targets in light of the global electric vehicle push. 

In addition, Russia’s Gazprom has confirmed a stable supply of gas to Europe via Ukraine amid high demand.

Looking at the bigger picture: 

·French president Emmanuel Macron pledges to exit fossil fuels in the country if re-elected, Bloomberg reported. 

Macron plans to appoint a minister of energy in an attempt to become the first European country to halt the use of oil, gas, and coal.

·The US government has plans to resume oil and gas development on federal lands, breaking vows that Joe Biden made while campaigning for president in the process, Reuters reported. 

The new plans include leasing fewer acres for drilling, steeper royalties to oil and gas firms, as well as assessing the climate impact of developing the acreage.

Through a micro lens: 

·American automobile maker Jeep is aiming to electrify 70 percent of all global sales by 2025, Bloomberg reported. 

This falls in line with the car manufacturer’s recent “Zero Emission Freedom” tagline.

·Russian majority state-owned multinational energy corporation Gazprom has announced that natural gas supplies to Europe through Ukraine are stable amid European demand, Reuters reported. 

As of April 16, requests stood at 57.2 million cubic meters.

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