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Life Style: Where We Are Going Today: Choowy Goowy in Riyadh

Zaid Khashogji
Fri, 2022-05-06 01:50

Saudi cookie connoisseurs will no doubt be familiar with Choowy Goowy, a Riyadh-based dessert house with a name that perfectly sums up the consistency of its products.
Located north of Riyadh at One Square, the restaurant offers a range of classic cookie favorites including chocolate chip, peanut butter, salted caramel, Kinder, and Nutella. Special birthday cake flavored varieties are also available, along with date cookies too.
Although not exactly a place to be counting the calories, Choowy Goowy does offer a low-fat cookie option, and an eclectic choice of Ethiopian coffees such as Americanos, espressos, and lattes provide the ideal accompaniment to the sweet treats. An alternative to coffee is a glass of milk, perfect for dipping cookies in.
The outlet’s signature offering, the ultimate, comes in an aluminum container filled with cookie and topped with a scoop of Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled in a caramel sauce. A choice of either molten milk chocolate, Kinder, or Nutella goes in the center.
Customers can also buy a box of 12 themed cookie jars each containing between 16 and 18 mini chocolate chip pieces, a possible gift for occasions including birthdays, Ramadan, and Eid.
For kids, the restaurant sells a DIY baking set that includes 150 grams of cookie dough, toppings of sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and M&M’s, and shape cutters.
Choowy Goowy items can be ordered for home delivery via apps such as Jahez, HungerStation, Talabat, Lugmety, and Careem.

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