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Life Style: What We Are Buying Today: Jawaker

Wed, 2022-05-11 01:08

Jawaker is the most popular social gaming mobile app available on Google Play and the App Store in the Middle East.

It includes beloved Middle Eastern card and board games such as Baloot, Basra, Jackaroo and Ludo, with many regional variations of popular games also on offer.

Although I love holding actual cards when playing, having a mobile app that allows me to play all these options is very convenient (sometimes you just cannot keep carrying your deck of cards everywhere you go, and nobody forgets their phone).  

In an attempt to save myself from an awkward and quiet social occasion, I asked my friends to download Jawaker so we could play Ludo together. After they created accounts and we added each other, we were allowed to create a game room where our phones were synchronized to play together.

Ludo is a two to four-player strategy board game in which players race their four tokens from start to finish based on the roll of the dice. Ludo evolved from the Indian game Pachisi, and is a cross and circle game.

The contest brought us all closer together as we enjoyed ourselves, got competitive, and played two rounds.  

I am a big fan of chess and have been practicing many openings and strategic game plans on Jawaker, which also allows me to play online.

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