Blockchain creating ‘Internet of value’: Crypto Oasis co-founder

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Wed, 2022-05-18 16:49

DUBAI: Blockchain technology is transforming “internet of information into internet of value,” according to Saqr Mashhor Ereiqat, the co-founder of Crypto Oasis. 

While speaking at a session in the Top CEO Forum, Ereiqat also noted that the majority of the people use the Internet, but do not know how it works.

Ereiqat added that he used to advise governments on how they can use blockchain to benefit them. He, however, made it clear that governments like to control the network they offer.  

Ereiqat also noted that blockchain provides a way to trace a value from beginning to end. 

Franck Mandon, chief operating officer of Nujumz, during the session told that blockchain is going to transform the way humans trusted each other. 

However, Paritosh Ghambir, partner audit KPMG, noted that most clients need education about blockchain. 

Gambhir added: “Just because it is a blockchain does not mean it could be fully trusted.” 

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