Investing in Metaverse is a waste of time: Futurist-in-Chief at Dubai Future Foundation

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Wed, 2022-05-18 16:55

DUBAI: As the business world is increasingly fascinated by the Metaverse, Noah Raford, futurist-in-chief and chief of Global Affairs at Dubai Future Foundation, claimed that investing in this advanced technology is just a waste of time. 

While speaking at the Top CEO Forum, Raford argued that people should invest in video games, as it is the only successful digital economy so far. 

However, Fady Kassatly, partner of Enterprise Solutions and Cloud, KPMG, said the Metaverse is nothing but the next evolution, which will make people live differently. 

He also added the Metaverse is going to evolve quickly in different directions, and this is just the beginning of the journey. 

On his part, Philippe Blanchard, founder of Futurous, stated the Metaverse will change the relationship between humans and nature. 

Predicting an inevitable Metaverse future, Valerie Hawley, Director of Sorbonne Center for Artificial Intelligence, said every business will look at the Metaverse space and consider using it in the coming years. 

She also added the Metaverse is a projection of the world that humans would like to live in. 

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