Saudi Arabia on a path of transformation around female inclusion, says Mohammed Abudawood

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Wed, 2022-05-18 11:43

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia is currently going through a huge transformation when it comes to women’s inclusion, according to Mohammed H A Abudawood, executive chairman of M Abudawood Group.

Speaking at the Top CEO forum currently being held in Dubai, the business leader suggested people across the world are not realizing the trajectory of change in Saudi Arabia, as the Kingdom is now opening up in terms of diversification.

He said the diversification which is currently happening in Saudi Arabia will help the economy, as more non-oil sectors will flourish in the Kingdom.

While talking about rising costs, Abudawood noted the elasticity of financing and labor sectors will give companies the ability to control costs. He also pointed out that the consumers will always look at the prices and will compare with competitors.

According to Abudawood, the primary reasons for inflation are supply chain disruptions due to the Covid-19, an increase in raw material costs, and coal prices. 

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