E element in ESG is not just a choice, but a necessity: Lord mayor

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Sun, 2022-05-22 17:37

LONDON: The ‘E’ element in ESG, which stands for ‘environment’ is not just a choice now, but a necessity, according to Vincent Keaveny, Lord mayor, City of London.

While speaking at the Future Investment Initiative Institute regional summit in London on Friday, Keaveny said that environmental, social and governance has been a priority for London city for several years.

Assuring a strong economic relationship between the UK and Saudi Arabia, Keaveny shared his excitement that FII chose London to host the first regional summit outside Saudi Arabia.

According to Keaveny, decarbonization in emerging markets is very crucial which demands investments and infrastructure to drive the transition.

He also added that London “will be a supportive partner to improve inclusive ESG across the world.” 

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