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RIYADH: In an effort to push for unified travel measures and platforms, the Saudi Cabinet on Tuesday approved an indicative model for a memorandum of understanding between the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence and its counterparts in other countries.

The MoU focuses on activating an electronic link that verifies travelers, citizens or residents compliance with health requirements in line with the COVID-19 measures.

The Cabinet also authorized the authority’s chairman, or his representative, to discuss with counterparts in other countries regarding a draft MoU in this regard, sign it, and then submit the final signed copy, to complete the procedures.

The Kingdom already announced a new Global Air Travel policy at the inaugural Future Aviation Forum in Riyadh on May 9, aiming at reducing hassles and formalities associated with international air travel.

This move is expected to make international journeys simpler, by avoiding confusion over travel requirements currently discouraging millions of people from booking flights.

Jean-Marc Bourreau, partner at Consulum Aviation, played a huge role in the implementation of the new policy which is set to be approved at the 41st ICAO General Assembly later in 2022.

The policy was encouraged by the global effects of COVID-19 but is meant to stay and evolve the future of aviation on a worldwide scale, Bourreau told Arab News in an exclusive interview during the aviation forum.

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