How do I stop snoring? Natural treatments could reduce the sound

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Snoring is not a rare problem. In fact, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, right around half of Americans snore. Snoring can be frustrating and even though there is no cure all solution, there are some natural remedies and tricks you could try to help reduce snoring. 

How to stop snoring ASAP? 

There isn’t one simple solution that will 100% stop your snoring immediately. If snoring is very severe, it could lead to health problems down the line, like sleep apnea. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to test for sleep apnea including staying overnight at a sleep observatory or there are even test that you can do at home. One treatment to help with sleep apnea is the use of a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP). The machine requires the user to place a mask connected to a hose that delivers pressurized air to the airway to help an individual to breathe while they sleep.  


There is no one cure for snoring, but there are lots of natural remedies that could do the trick.

There are tons of products out there to help snoring like nasal strips and mouthpieces that doctors can fit patients for that could reduce the sound. Snoring also sometimes comes from severe allergies that block airflow through the nose, causing breathing primarily and heavily thorough the mouth, which gives you a snore. There are also lots of natural remedies and at home tricks to try.

Why do I snore so loud? 

Snoring is a sound that comes from air passing through an airway that is partially blocked. When you snore, there are vibrations of the soft palate and uvuala that produce, the sometimes quite loud sound. There are a handful of ways that snoring could occur. One way is that if an individual is sleeping on their back, the tongue could move backwards, obstructing the airway and causing the vibrating sound. Having an obstructed nasal airway, possibly through a sinus infection or allergies could mostly breathing through the mouth. Not getting enough sleep can also lead to snoring.  


How can I get rid of snoring naturally? 

There are lots of natural ways to reduce snoring. One way is to simply shift your position. Instead of lying on your back, sleeping on your side can help the air flow more easily. Also, drinking alcohol too close to the time you go to bed can negativity affect muscles in your throat, causing snoring. 

Taking a hot shower before bed, raising up your head while you sleep and reducing alcohol intake close to the time you got to bed are all things that could reduce snoring. 

Taking a hot shower before bed, raising up your head while you sleep and reducing alcohol intake close to the time you got to bed are all things that could reduce snoring. 

Some other natural remedies are to raise your head up slightly to help keep the airways open, which can be done by placing pillows underneath your head. Taking a hot shower before bed is another thing that could help open up your nasal massages and help your breathing. Lastly, reducing body weight could help with snoring because being overweight is an underlying issue that could cause you to snore. 


Is there any cure for snoring? 

There is no one solution that is guaranteed to cure snoring for everyone. Some methods might work for some that do not work for others. Conducting trial and error with many different methods could lead to your snoring solution. If snoring persists and none of the natural tricks seem to help, consulting a doctor could help you find your solution.

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