Saudi mining firm Ma’aden starts commercial operation of Ammonia 3 plant

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UAE In-Focus — First recruiting agency enters Dubai metaverse; Chinese company signs Dubai hybrid solar contract

DUBAI: Marc Ellis, a recruiting and training agency that supports technology and digital transformation hiring in the UAE, is the first agency to enter Dubai Metaverse to generate and assist with finding candidates.

Moreover, global users will be able to join training sessions conducted within the metaverse via a training academy, according to a statement.

The company’s director Aws Ismail said: “There are currently more than 400 million active metaverse global users, giving us a huge potential of a candidate pool that isn’t easily accessible using traditional methods.”

In a statement, the agency said it would build an office in the metaverse and conduct online interviews using virtual reality technologies.

Recruitment staff will interview global candidates at the agency’s office in the metaverse, and applicants will be able to view and apply to job descriptions in the metaverse virtually.

Dubai hybrid solar contract signed by Chinese firm

A China National Petroleum Corp. subsidiary has signed a contract for Dubai’s hybrid solar photovoltaic and concentrated solar power scheme 950 megawatt power island salt area, reported MEED.

According to a local media report, CNPC’s First Construction Co. will install the core device of the 200MW parabolic CSP generating unit, MEED added.

Hybrid solar-CSP scheme of 16.1 billion dirhams ($4.4 billion) is part of phase four of Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum solar park.

Named Noor Energy 1, the project consists of a 100MW CSP tower plant, three 200MW PT CSP systems, 250MW of solar PV capacity, and 15 hours of molten salt storage.

PT2’s lead engineering, procurement and construction contractor, Shanghai Electric, performed the first molten salt tank hydrotest, as MEED reported in June.

A final installation of the molten salt pipeline inside the CSP tower followed the test, MEED added.

Subcontractor for the PT systems in this project is Spain’s Abengoa, MEED reported.

Businesses prepare Dubai solar PV consultancy bids

MEED reported that Dubai Electricity & Water Authority has extended the due date for the advisory services bids for its next solar photovoltaic power plant project from July 28 to Aug. 11.

In its initial public offering prospectus, DEWA indicated it planned to implement an additional 2,200MW of renewable energy capacity between 2025 and 2030.

The projected capacity will be divided among eight solar photovoltaic schemes and one concentrated solar power scheme, MEED added.

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