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Life Style: Finnish PM Sanna Marin apologizes for inappropriate new party photo taken at official residence

Pop star Olavi Uusivirta said he and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin are not having an affair amid reports he “kissed” her.  

The Finnish pop star said on his official instagram account that he and the prime minister were just friends and that nothing inappropriate had happened between them. 


Footage that emerged on Friday showed Marin, who is married to Markus Raikkonen since August 2020, dancing hip-to-hip with Uusivirta 4am in a Helsinki nightclub.  

“There has been speculation in the public about the quality of the relationship between me and prime minister Sanna Marin,” Uusivirta said on his Instagram account. “Hand on heart I can just say it like it is: we are friends and nothing inappropriate has happened. I won’t comment on the matter anymore publicly.”

One witness at the nightclub claimed Marin was seen dancing with three men.

“She also sat on the laps of two different men. She placed her hand next to one man and he held her gently by the arm,” the bystander told Finish outlet Seiska.

This is the second clip to emerge of Marin in recent days after a previous video of her partying hard led to calls for her to take a drug test.

Marin has denied using drugs and has taken a drug test, with the results expected in the coming days.

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