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Life Style: Saudi authorities unveil new logo for Riyadh Season 2022 plus range of new activities

Who’s Who: Rana Abdullah Zumai, vice president of the Saudi Professional Fashion Association

Rana Abdullah Zumai is the vice president of the Saudi Professional Fashion Association and senior director of corporate communications and knowledge at the Saudi Geological Survey.

As the VP of the SPFA, she empowers and educates the fashion industry about sustainability and assists them in making a global impact.

From 2018 up until this year, she was executive manager of corporate communications at Nesma Co. Ltd.

Between 2013 and 2018, she worked for the same company as general manager, establishing partnerships responsible for managing four Nesma Embroidery factories in Saudi Arabia.

These relationships covered administrative, operational and marketing departments as well as strategic planning and training.

She has volunteer experience as a corporate communication consultant at Monsha’at and with business clinics and has been a diamond member of the Majid Society since 2011. She has led initiatives on diversity and inclusion, particularly in her main areas of interest, human development and economics. She also writes a column for the Al-Yaum newspaper.

Zumai is an ambassador for the Qaderoon network, a nonprofit organization that aims to empower business owners to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace.

She is a certified member of the Qiyadat Global Georgetown women’s leadership program, a consultant board member on textiles and fashion in the human science college at King Abdulaziz University, and a board member of the Technical and Vocational Training Corp.

Zumai gained a bachelor’s degree in science and microbiology from King Abdulaziz University and a master’s degree in business, corporate and marketing communications from IE University.

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