Saudi Arabia and IBM reach agreement to develop AI-based sustainability initiatives

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RIYADH: American tech giant IBM has signed an agreement with the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence to accelerate sustainability initiatives including carbon capture technology in the Kingdom using artificial intelligence. 

The announcement regarding the strategic partnership was made during the 2nd Global AI Summit in Riyadh on Sept. 14. 

The agreement will be in collaboration with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Energy, SDAIA, Ministry of Energy and IBM, and it will make use of artificial intelligence technology to detect, map, and eventually reduce carbon emissions across the country. 

“This agreement with IBM will contribute to creating opportunities by addressing key challenges in the circular carbon economy, petrochemical and industrial domains, through the development of innovative solutions in the field of data and artificial intelligence,” said Majid Al-Tuwaijri, CEO of the National Center of AI. 

Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Ministry of Energy’s assistant minister for development and excellence said: “The agreement will play a key role in promoting the adoption of the circular carbon economy, achieving the goals announced during the Saudi Green Initiative.” 

The new agreement with IBM is also a part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious target to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 and to support the global effort to cut emissions. 

Saudi Arabia develops AI Ethics Principle

During the 2nd Global AI Summit, Saudi Arabia also announced its AI Ethics Principles for public consultation. 

These principles developed by SDAIA are expected to be a practical guide to incorporating AI ethics throughout the AI system development life cycle.

According to a press release, the seven AI principles proposed by SDAIA are fairness, privacy and security, humanity, social and environmental benefits, reliability and safety, transparency and explainability, and accountability and responsibility.

“We believe these principles will help us move into the next generation of innovation in a multitude of projects,” said Abdullah Sharaf Al Ghamdi, president of SDAIA. 

He added: “SDAIA has done an excellent job in encapsulating our responsibilities in implementing AI, and we hope to continue developing and implementing AI that exceeds these expectations.” 

SDAIA joining World Bank’s DDP

During the event, Abdullah bin Sharaf Al Ghamdi announced that Saudi Arabia is joining the World Bank’s digital development partnership.

“We share a common vision with the DDP. The partnership will bring together public and private sector partners, and will accelerate safe and inclusive digital transformation in developing countries,” said Al Ghamdi. 

He added: “I am confident that we will make a real difference. I am looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.” 

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