Saudi Water Partnership to add 11 new projects worth $9.3bn by 2023: CEO

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SEC eyes exploring full potential of data analytics and AI in electricity generation and supply 

RIYADH: The Saudi Electric Co., is planning to explore the full potential of artificial intelligence and data to effectively maximize electricity generation and supply in the Kingdom, according to a top official. 

While speaking at the 2nd Global AI Summit in Riyadh on Sept.14, Khaled Salem Al-Ghamdi, senior vice president for IT and digital transformation at SEC, said that incorporating AI in the electricity sector could help reduce unplanned interruption of supply. 

“With AI models, we can detect and predict shortages in our material warehouses allowing us to ensure availability of these materials. It will also help to reduce unplanned interruption in case it occurs,” said Al-Ghamdi. 

During his speech, he noted that SEC is the largest power producer in the region, with more than 50 percent of the Kingdom’s power coming from over 450 power generation units, covering more than 800,000 kilometers. 

He added that SEC also has more than 90,000 kilometers of optical fiber networks serving over 10 million customers. 

Al-Ghamdi predicted that the rise in electric vehicles in the Kingdom may result in peak energy demand by 2030. 

“By 2030, millions of electric vehicle drivers will arrive home and put their vehicles on charge, creating potentially a peak of energy demand,” he said, adding: “AI will recognize patterns of drivers who would like to keep their vehicles on charge and those who will use them overnight. 

“The intelligent grid will ensure that the vehicle is ready for the driver’s next journey.”

Al-Ghamdi further noted that AI will assist in identifying customer sentiments through various company channels, and it will help enable a world-class customer experience. 

He added that adopting AI will also help to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the electricity sector. 

He pointed out that SEC’s digital transformation program is focussed on adapting practical capabilities in AI and big data analytics, and added that the future generation will be fully AI-enabled. 

He added: “We have collaborated with world-class partners, locally and internationally. We at SEC have been very much aware of how technology is affecting every area of our operation. And we are very deliberate on how we emerge successful in our journey aligned with the AI aspects of Vision 2030.” 

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