Syracuse chaos: 13 people either shot, stabbed, or struck by cars

Police in Syracuse have said that at least 13 people have been injured after a gathering at the southwest side of the city in upstate New York descended into chaos.

The gathering was taking place at the 100 block of Davis Street on Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday, with police being called to the scene at about 12.30am after a report of shots being fired near Davis Street and Massena Street, according to WSYR.

When police got to the scene, they found several victims in the large crowd that had either been shot, stabbed, or struck by cars fleeing the area following the gunfire.

Police have said that all of the victims are expected to survive but that the seriousness of the injuries remains unknown.

The shooting victims include a woman, 20, who was shot in her right hip; a 22-year-old woman shot in the abdomen; a 17-year-old female shot in the hip and her midsection; and a 20-year-old man shot in the forearm.

Those stabbed include two women with head lacerations, aged 23 and 19. A 25-year-old woman suffered several lacerations to her shoulder and midsection, a 17-year-old female suffered wounds to her leg and arm, and a 17-year-old male had his hand wounded.

The victims who were hit by cars include a woman, 24, with lacerations to both of her legs; a 23-year-old woman with abrasions on her side from being hit by a car and then hitting the ground; a man, 22, with abrasions to his side and foot after also being hit by a car and subsequently hitting the ground; and a woman, also 22 years old, who suffered abrasions to her midsection from being hit by a car and then hitting the ground.

The investigation into the incident remains active and ongoing.

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