Ex-CIA chief calls Lindsey Graham a ‘spineless coward’ over his defence of Trump

Former CIA director John Brennan has branded Lindsey Graham a “spineless coward” for defending Donald Trump over his alleged mishandling of secret documents.

Mr Brennan, who ran the spy agency under Barack Obama, attacked the US Senator from South Carolina for backing the former president who has been indicted on a string of federal criminal charges.

During an appearance on MSNBC Mr Brennan was asked if he viewed Mr Trump as a threat to the United States, and replied, “He is definitely a threat, a major danger to our national security, he has been for many years and will continue to be.”

“That is why I find it so, so disheartening and It makes me angry when I hear people like Lindsey Graham make excuses and apologies for Donald Trump.

“Those are the words of a spineless coward, quite frankly, who is frightened by Donald Trump and is frightened by those individuals who still cling to an image of Donald Trump as being this very strong leader, which he is not.”

On Monday Mr Trump flew from New Jersey to Miami where he will appear in a federal courthouse on Tuesday for his arraignment on 37 charges over his handling of classified documents after leaving the White House.

The former president is accused of hoarding troves of classified papers, including national defence information, at his Mar-a-Lago home and private club.

And Mr Brennan condemned Mr Trump for his alleged mishandling of the country’s secrets.

“Anybody who continues to support Donald Trump for any kind of political office is ignoring what the facts and reality have demonstrated to all of us, this is a man who didn’t care about our national security,” he said.

“His actions and behaviour continue to put this country at risk and American citizens at risk. He has no interest in doing anything except that which will advance his own political craven interests. This indictment reveals in very vivid detail just how dangerous he is to our future.”

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