Staffer for lawmaker attacked at gunpoint after Congressional baseball game

A staffer for Representative Brad Finstad was attacked at gunpoint after the congressional baseball game, according to the lawmaker.

The staffer is expected to “make a full recovery and the extent of his physical injuries was minor,” said Mr Finstad, a Republican from Minnesota, on Friday.

“Following Wednesday’s Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, one of my staffers was attacked outside of his residence by an armed gunman.”

“Thankfully, he will be able to make a full recovery and the extent of his physical injuries was minor. I thank the DC Metropolitan Police Department for their quick response and their attention to this incident.”

And Mr Finstad was quick to make a political point out of the attack.

“In Washington, DC and cities across the country, anti-police, soft-on-crime policies have created lawless societies that endanger the public and empower criminal behaviour,” he added.

“It’s time we started treating criminals like criminals and bring back commonsense policies that imprison career criminals, keep the public safe, and allow our police officers to adequately protect our communities and keep violent criminals off the streets.”

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