Trump news today: Trump floats special counsel conspiracy as he claims Fox News abandoned ‘King’ of Maga

Trump’s second arraignment: Watch how it happened

Former president Donald Trump began his weekend by lashing out against his long list of enemies, ranting on Truth Social about Biden family conspiracies, the federal indictment against him, and perceived disloyalty at Fox News.

The outburst comes after a week of embarassment.

On Tuesday, Mr Trump visited the iconic Versailles restaurant in Miami after being arraigned on 37 federal charges and bombastically announced that there would be “food for all.”

There was just one problem: according to a report in the Miami New Times, Mr Trump never picked up the tab…

Mr Trump’s visit to the Cuban restaurant functioned largely as a campaign stop after he spent the morning in federal court on charges that he mishandled classified documents and impeded the government’s attempts to get them back.

The fallout from his arraignment that day continues, with fellow Republicans torn over how to respond to the party’s defacto leader being charged with federal crimes.


Pence accuses Trump of ‘walking away’ from conservative principles

Former vice-president Mike Pence is the former latest ally to turn on Donald Trump.

The former president’s 2024 rival told NBC News, in an interview that will air in full on Sunday on Meet the Press, that Mr Trump is “walking away” from conservative principles.

“Look, in 2016, Donald Trump promised to govern as a conservative,” he said. “But he makes no such promise today. Not only has he been walking away from a clear commitment to the right to life, but, look, we have a national debt the size of our nation’s economy.”

“Donald Trump’s position on the national debt is identical to Joe Biden’s,” he added. “And to me the Republican Party has to be the party of growth and fiscal responsibility and reform.”

Josh Marcus17 June 2023 17:30


Trump once celebrated inclusion of trans people in his beauty pageant

In the spring and summer of 2012, Donald Trump once celebrated including trans women in his Miss Universe pageant.

In an interview, Mr Trump praised Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, who spoke about how trans women should be included in the pageant because “today where there are so many surgeries and so many people out there who have a need to change for a happier life, I do accept that because I believe it’s a free country.”

“She gave a great answer, a very tough question – on transgender – just the question everybody wants to hear, and she gave a great answer and she really did a great job,” Mr Trump told Fox and Friends June.

“Her answer was a very intelligent answer and that’s one of the reasons I assume the judges picked her,” he said later that month, according to CNN, which unearthed the footage.

It’s a far cry from how Donald Trump talks about trans people now, refering to them hatefully as victims of a “cult of gender ideology.”

Josh Marcus17 June 2023 17:10


Donald Trump is still cruising in the polls, despite indictment

A second criminal indictment, this time for allegedly mishandling classified documents, hasn’t seemed to put much of a dent in the Trump 2024 campaign.

In polling since the charges dropped, Mr Trump has retained majority support in the Republican party, hovering between 51 and 53 per cent and leading his closest rival, Florida governor Ron DeSantis, by at least 30 points in three major national polls, Politico notes.

Here’s more info on the indictment.

Josh Marcus17 June 2023 16:50


Trump slams Fox News for abandoning ‘King’ of MAGA – himself

Another morning, another day full of angry Donald Trump posts on social media.

The former president entered the weekend railing at his usual list of perceived enemies, including his former ally Fox News.

In a hard-to-follow post on Truth Social, Mr Trump slammed the network for ceasing to feature him as prominently as it has in previous years

“The Golden Goose that was so beautiful is being slaughtered by Fools,” Mr Trump wrote. “MAGA has left Fox for more promising “prairies.” Long live the King. The only solution for Fox News is to bring back Trump Allies and MAGA—Backing No Personality Ron DeSanctimonious has been a disaster….”

Here’s some of our reporting on how their once fruitful relationship between Fox and…”The King”… has soured.

Josh Marcus17 June 2023 16:30


Voices: How is Joe Biden really doing?

With all the attention focused on Miami and former president Donald Trump’s arraignment, many Americans might be forgiven if they forgot that Joe Biden currently occupies the White House.

Mr Biden campaigned betting on the American public’s Trump fatigue. During the 2020 campaign, he famously said people would not have to worry about his tweets when he took office, after Mr Trump sent out 140-character decrees at all hours.

That turned out to be enough for him to not only win the Democratic nomination but beat Mr Trump in the general election. Mr Biden rightly guessed the American public did not like having to think about their president’s latest erratic words or deeds and going about their merry way.

But just as Mr Biden doesn’t dominate the headlines with negative coverage, it also means that his approval rating hardly improves when things go his way.

How is Joe Biden really doing?

Plenty of events have gone Biden’s way while everyone pays attention to Trump. But it hasn’t changed what people think of him

Oliver O’Connell17 June 2023 15:45


John Kelly says says Trump is ‘scared s***less’

President Donald Trump’s former chief of staff, John Kelly, panned a short address given by his former boss on Tuesday as nothing more than panicked bluster in response to two criminal indictments filed by prosecutors in New York and the US Department of Justice.

Mr Kelly spoke to The Washington Post after the ex-president appeared at his resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, in front of a crowd of $1,000-a-pop attendees gathered hastily to hear his post-arraignment remarks.

John Kelly pretended to be a “tough guy,” but was actually weak and ineffective, born with a VERY small “brain.” He had a hard time functioning in a political world, and was truly an exhausted and beaten man when I fired him. In the end he was a “mummy” who sat in his office and stared at the ceiling – he was “shot.” I’ll never forget how his very nice wife told me that “John loves you, and respects you more than anyone, he will always say the BEST things about you.” Oh well, so much for that!

Oliver O’Connell17 June 2023 15:15


Trump 2024 campaign fundraises over $7m from post-arraignment appearances

Oliver O’Connell17 June 2023 14:45


What. is the ‘Clinton socks case’ that Trump says gets him off the hook – and is he right?

For Americans who lived through the 1990s, the words “Clinton” and “socks” may bring to mind a whimsical image of a certain famous feline, of the black-and-white tuxedo variety, who prowled the most prestigious halls of American power at a time when the US was emerging as the world’s sole unchallenged superpower.

Andrew Feinberg explains.

Oliver O’Connell17 June 2023 14:15


RECAP: All the lawsuits and criminal charges involving Trump and where they stand

Here’s what you need to know about all the major investigations and lawsuits against Donald Trump.

Oliver O’Connell17 June 2023 13:45


Trump now blames ‘mutants’ for indictment

Oliver O’Connell17 June 2023 12:45

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