Uganda school attack: At least 38 children dead in attack by Isis-linked group

At least 38 pupils and three adults have been killed in an attack on a school in Uganda by a rebel group linked to Isis, according to local authorities.

The attack took place at Lhubiriha school in the Kasese district in western Uganda, close to the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), police say.

The attackers burnt down a dormitory and looted food from the school’s stores, national police spokesperson Fred Enanga said.

Some of the children were burnt or hacked to death while many other pupils, mostly girls have been abducted by the group, Major General Dick Olum from the Ugandan army told the media.

The attack took place on Friday night and the death toll was initially put at 25. Officials said later on Saturday that 41 bodies had been recovered, including 38 schoolchildren, one guard and two members of the local community who were shot outside the school.

Authorities have identified the attackers as being from a militant group called The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which has sworn allegiance to Isis.

Bodies were taken to Bwera Hospital, officials say. Eight people still remain in critical condition.

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