Rescue teams searching for missing Titanic sub spotted mystery object on ocean’s surface

US Coast officials racing against time to find the missing Titanic expedition submersible said on Wednesday that rescuers have spotted mystery objects on the ocean’s surface.

With less than 24 hours of oxygen available, five people aboard the Titan tourist sub remain missing amid frantic searches for any indication that the device is still intact.

During a press briefing on Wednesday evening, Captain Jamie Frederick with the US Coast Guard revealed that helicopters flying over the ocean southwest of Newfoundland have spotted objects floating on the surface.

Mr Frederick emphasized that efforts are still very much focused on a search and rescue mission and that his team has not found any evidence that the submersible imploded. Instead, he noted, the objects spotted by search crews were most likely not linked to the submersible.

“In search and rescue missions, when aircraft are flying continuously … there is stuff out in the ocean floating,” Mr Frederick said. “We went back, we looked at it. We didn’t determine it to be debris, it didn’t correlate with the case … it is not uncommon during an active search.”

This is a developing story … check again for updates.

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