Trump calls Fox News ‘hostile’ as he declines to commit to first GOP debate on network

Donald Trump declined to commit to attending the first Republican Party primary debate on Fox News in an interview which aired Tuesday evening, even denouncing the channel as “hostile” during a contentious interview with Bret Baier.

The former president was clearly unhappy with Baier’s unmoving explanation of his 2020 election loss, which the former president has long contested despite having been proven wrong in his countless conspiracies about election fraud and malign activity.

During his discussion with Baier, Mr Trump grew increasingly frustrated as the Fox reporter refused to accept his incorrect version of events and made a potential threat to boycott the first debate — an obvious message to Fox’s executives that he did not want to be challenged on his conspiracies by the network’s reporters.

“[W]hy would I allow a hostile network [to host a debate]?” he said, quipping: “Pretty hostile.”

He also seemed to indicate that he didn’t want to participate in any debates with low-polling candidates.

“Why would I allow a hostile network and then allow people that are polling at zero?” he asked.

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