Landing gear mishap causes Delta plane to land nose down in North Carolina

A Delta flight was left nose down on the runway after it landed without its forward landing gear.

No injuries were reported and passengers aboard the flight credited the pilots and crew for a safe and otherwise “smooth” landing.

“So this just happened… On Delta flight 1092 and we just landed in Charlotte, without nose gear! The crew was amazing and the pilots landed it smoothly!” a Twitter user going by kparks tweeted.

They also managed to snap a few photos of the plane’s nose down on the tarmac after exiting the aircraft.

Another passenger said that the crew advised them to brace for impact during the landing, accoridng to WSOC-TV.

“The crew told us there was an issue with the landing gear and instructed us to go over safety information,” the passenger said. “We came in low once and then climbed again. Second time had us brace but the landing was smooth. No jarring or even loud noises. We were in the back so that may have been why. Everyone evacuated via slides. No injuries as far as I know. Crew and pilots were wonderful!”

Everyone was deplaned after the incident and transported off the runway by bus.

The flight, Delta 1092, left Atlanta on Wednesday at 7:25 am with Charlotte its first destination, according to WSOC-TV. The plane was carrying two pilots, three flight attendants and 96 passengers.

Delta praised its crew for acting on their training and said it would address the needs of the customers on the flight.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people,” Delta said in a statement. “While this is a rare occurrence, Delta flight crews train extensively to safely manage through many scenarios and flight 1092 landed safely without reported injuries. Our next focus is to take care of our customers on this flight, including retrieving their bags and seeing them to their final destinations safely. We apologize to our customers for what they experienced.”

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