Rudy Farias’ mother says she expects to be arrested amid bombshell claims she hid and abused him for years

Rudy Farias’ mother has said she expects to be arrested after her son was reportedly “found” eight years after he was reported missing.

Mr Farias, 25, was discovered outside a church in Houston, Texas on 29 June after he reportedly went missing in 2015, his mother Janie Santana told reporters this week.

Her account has been thrown into doubt after a counsellor who interviewed Mr Farias with Houston Police Department officers told reporters he had been sexually and physically abused, and kept hidden by his mother the whole time.

In a video clip obtained by KPRC 2, Ms Santana tells neighbours that she is expecting to be arrested.

“When he first went missing, he didn’t report it to the police,” Ms Santana said on Wednesday as she got out of her car in front of her home.

“And they are trying to say that he might have done some crimes. Which he didn’t. And now they want to arrest me. Because they said I was hiding him.”

Since Mr Farias’ bizarre “discovery” was announced earlier this week, family and neighbours have come forward to say that he was never missing.

His cousin Cassandra Lopez told KPRC 2 that the family “knew in their hearts” that Mr Farias wasn’t really missing.

She told the Houston area news station their grandmother had spoken to him regularly.

“She would just say, I saw Rudy. You know, he came to check on me and we said hello and we had a little conversation,” Ms Lopez said.

Police interviewed Mr Farias on Wednesday with a prominent Houston activist and counsellor Quannel X.

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