Rudy Farias was never missing but his mother won’t face charges for eight-year lie, police say

Rudy Farias returned home the day after he went missing in 2015, and despite “numerous” false statements being made to police no charges are planned, the Houston police chief says.

Troy Finner told a press conference on Thursday that police interviews with Mr Farias and his mother Janie Santana on Wednesday had found no evidence of sexual or abuse during the eight years he was supposedly missing.

Mr Farias, 25, was discovered outside a church in Houston, Texas on 29 June after he reportedly went missing in 2015, Ms Santana said this week.

However, Houston police said he was not in fact missing, and had given false names when spoken to by police.

“Being missing is not a crime,” Mr Finner told the press conference.

Mr Finner contradicted claims made by a Houston activist and counsellor Quanell X, who had

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