Feng Shui consultant accused of launching racist tirade at pool party

A white woman in Colorado who reportedly works as a Feng Shui interior design specialist has become the latest subject of a freakout, racism-laden viral video.

The video allegedly shows Blair Featherman, who also works as an art consultant, launching racist insults at a Latino family using the pool at an apartment complex in the affluent Lakewood neighborhood, according to the Daily Mail.

She yells at the family, accusing them of having a “f****** Mexican party in the pool.”

The video was posted to TikTok by user @jadeserie on 6 July. It shows a blonde woman in a bikini standing under a cabana and screaming at the family.

After accusing them of having their “pool party,” she calls them “trash.” She can also be heard insulting the children, saying that “when they grow up, they will be trash too.”

She walks back toward a chair and notices the individual is recording her on a phone.

“You can’t just record me,” she says, grabbing the phone from the recorder.

A later clip shows her sitting in a beach chair and telling the Latino family to “go back to Denver.”

“Get the f*** out of here!” someone from the group yells back to her.

She insists that she lives at the apartment before hurling more classist insults back at the family.

A man holds back a woman at a Colorado apartment complex as she hurls racist insults at a Latino family swimming at her apartment complex’s pool


“Nowhere where you came from, wherever you came from, you f****** lowclass slime,” she says.

She then insults someone’s clothing before a man in her group can be seen seemingly trying to restrain her to her chair.

Police were eventually called out to address the fracas, though it’s unclear if any arrests were made.

According to Ms Featherman’s now-deleted Twitter account, she runs a home decor company dedicated to Feng Shui and the cultivation of peaceful spatial energy.

Her previous employer, the Masters Gallery in Denver, issued a statement distancing themselves from her.

“It has come to our attention that a former employee has appeared on social media expressing hateful and offensive statements,” the gallery said in a statement. “Master’s Gallery Denver has not employed this individual for over 5 years and condemns any actions or statements expressing hatred or racism.”

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